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Script - Misc. Scenes (spoilers, maybe)
Katrin and Ashley are standing on a rooftop, overlooking a Nazi government building. Ashley hits a detonator three times; there is an explosion and part the government building falls.
(fist pump) YES!
A short pause, then more explosions, bringing down more of the building.
(slowly lowering fist) Ashley....
What? It seemed like the right thing to do.
In the Odyssey's library. Karsten is seated at his desk, with one book propped up and being read and another sitting open and flat on the desk. A notepad is present, as is the tea set. Camera is behind Karsten, showing a view of the room. Except for noted sounds, the room is peaceful and quiet.
A few seconds pass, then Karsten calmly turns a page and takes a sip of tea.
A couple seconds pass, then a foot thumping sound is heard; feet running. Doppler effect as a terrified Katrin runs past in the background. Karsten doesn't stir.
:iconfdnbgonds:fdnbgonds 0 0
Script for Chapter 0 Waiting Room Scene (spoilers)
Nervous-Looking Secretary:
For Katrin Everhardt? Ok.....
Pan over characters sitting in waiting room. Karsten is behind a newspaper he is reading, Ashley is sitting smugly with her hands behind her head :3 and Katrin is still bound and gagged, looking upset.
Something say something?
(unintelligible, angrier)
Ashley removes Katrin's gag.
And the rope.
Ashley unties Katrin.
Was that really necessary?
Ashley and Karsten:
I thought you liked being tied up.
Not in public!
Ashley says nothing, continuing to look at Katrin with a smug smile.   :3
Katrin (blushing slightly):
Shut up.
I didn't say anything.
Ashley, I think we need to have a talk about boundaries.
Because that worked so well last time.
That's because Ashley wouldn't follow any of the rules!
They were confusing!
Like not tying me up without permission?
Yeah, that.
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The Demon's Diary 3
And here we stand. Alone, just you and I. A lesser man would be bitter; are you bitter, Captain? I would hope not.
I honestly didn't think you had it in you. Are your days of selfish, petty piracy coming to an end? Do you care about something that isn't you? No matter what, I admire and congratulate you. You have truly risen above yourself. You actually chose your crew over yourself.
Your motives matter not to me. All that matters is that you passed my test. Your ship and crew are returned to their realm, or at least what's left of them. Sacrifices have been made.
So what now? Do we fight? Do you dare strike me down? Is it anger or despair? Did I not mention there is a reward for doing the right thing? Call it karma. Or providence.
You are not trapped here. This is my realm, not yours.
Oh, what you found here is significant. It is a taste of what is to come. There is a war coming, a war unlike anything you have seen or heard of. I want you to be a part of it. You and your crew are the
:iconfdnbgonds:fdnbgonds 1 5


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Wonderful effect! The lighting is very nice, and I definitely like the idea. But... There's a red line I think that runs under his eye....

I really, really like this. Nice specular highlights. I really like the feel of this piece. You get a good impression of the fish-body ...

It's a wonderful day! 

3 deviants said It might rain today, but that's ok by me.
2 deviants said Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic!
1 deviant said Darkness comes for us all, regardless of the alleged beauty of the current state of the Earth relative to the sun.
No deviants said There are birds and flowers!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a God. I possess the Tablet of Wacom and the Stylus. With them, I can create anything I want. Bow down before me!

All who are in my friends list shall be spared. Also the watchers. All others shall have theirs when the end of days comes. That said, I am a friendly God who likes to chat with humans. Seriously!

I love manga and anime, have an odd sense of humour, update only when I feel like it :P, I'm kinky, and I welcome gifts of llamas and feedback.

I'm also Canadian, if that matters to anyone. I apologize a lot and have good beer. And Devon really is my name.

I also make a webcomic called At The End of the World. Read it when the first chapter is complete. I command you.

Wow, you read the whole thing. I'm so happy! You bring a tear to my eye!

A Humble Note About Requests:

Yah, I do requests. Note me if you got something you want.

But just a fair warning: I work in my free time, which is often divided up amongst many things, including my own work. I'm often backlogged by months, so if you put in a request and it doesn't happen until like a year later, that's the backlog.

I note people back when I start a request and when I finish, so you will get an indication of what I'm doing.

Requests are on a first-come-first-serve basis, unless something really really interests me. Hey, these aren't commissions.


Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)   It has taken a while, and many conquered nations, but I've finally completed my collection of animals! To celebrate this great achievement, I'm setting up a petting zoo!

Come and celebrate our grand opening! Comment, and I'll provide an animal for you to pet! Satisfaction guaranteed! At least my satisfaction, anyway!
Back in the saddle!

I've redrawn Katrin. I think she looks much better now.

I'm going to redraw Ashley's hips. I really don't like them, they should be wider and more dynamic.
Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2]  Please, enter this bamboo hut by the gentle river and listen to this calming music. Tea shall be served, and a llama shall be available to gently pat you on the head should you request it. Rest among the pillows.

It has come to my attention that there is much sadness in this world. We live in a state of constant existential turmoil, our only hope is an unending supply of alcohol, our only release is death.

Sad, sad, and sad again! Our love is gone, but our life remains.

I am the all-knowing Llamagod. I have the power of ten Buddhas. For whatever life has seen fit to burden you, I shall help carry that burden.

Share with me your troubles and let me speak my wisdom.
Well, my computer is still pretty fucked up. Running, but not in good health.

We just finished seeding today. I'm too damn tired to do shit tonight, but this week I hope to be a little more active. We'll see, we still have come cultivating to do and some spraying. And some minor work on our air seeder. And the big tractor needs its transmission oil changed. And hydraulic oil. And our water truck needs its brakes fixed, they're dragging.

Holee shite. This has been the worst week ever.

Windows update shit a massive brick on my computer. I've spent the last two days cleaning up the mess (which forced me to reinstall Windows quite a few times in a row before I finally got a build that works).

I'm still working on setting up my software all over again, and I've lost some data in the process. Luckily, my artwork is safe. My enormous number of bookmarks are not. Sigh.

And my keyboard died just add to it all.

And I just spent the entire morning setting up our air seeder and filling it. It was windy as hell and raining the entire time. Fuck weather.

Then the goddamn tractor decided to spring a leak in a fuel line. Not a small one, one where diesel is visibly spewing out. We had trouble finding the right parts (long story short: miscommunication). We wound up replacing the line, which was made difficult by the lines location.

So yah. I'm going to be less than active for a bit this week. My computer is seriously messed up.
No one tagged me, I just saw this in someone else's journal and wanted to do it. I'm in a writing kind of mood.

1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

I'm choosing Ashley Ashland and Katrin Everhardt, of course.

- How old are you?
A- 25.
K- 31.

-Do you want a hug?
A- Nope nope nope.
K- No.

-Have any bad habits?
A- Other people say I do.
K- That's none of your business. Isn't this question impolite?

You a virgin?
A- Nope!
K- No.

-Have any kids?
A- Oh god no.
K- No.

-Favorite food or drink?
A- Fish and chips, of course.
K- German Reisling, grown in a warm climate. I haven't had any for while.

-Killed anyone?
A- Yes! There was this one time, we were making a run over Gakka or whatever the fuck it's called. It's Japan. We leveled three apartment buildings. We dumped eight-hundred pounds on the fuckers, then circled around and dumped another eight-hundred. Nothin' but rubble. I doubt even a single Jap got out alive. I almost miss those days.
K- Yes. I'll kill anyone who earns the privilege for free, and everyone else for a price.

- Hate anyone?
A- For a price. But if you're a Nazi, I'll hate you for free.
K- You have no fucking idea.

-Any secrets?
A- You're warm and alive, so no.
K- None that I would care to share.

-Love anyone?
*Katrin and Ashley kiss each other*

-What is your job?
K- We work for whoever pays enough, same as everybody else.

-Favorite season?
A- Oooo, that's gotta be summer. That's when Katrin wears --
K- Can it, Ashley.

-Who's your best friend?
K- Isn't it obvious?

A- Building model airplanes.
K- Reading.

-What are you going to do when this tag is over?
A and K- Kill people.

-What is your eye color?
A- Blue.
K- Green.

-Are you good? Or bad?
A- Fucking bad. Wanna see my trophies?
K- ...Ashley, those creep me out.
    Does it matter? Everyone does what they must to survive.

-If you could do anything right now what would it be?
A- I'd fly.
K- I think the spirit of the question is meant to include 'things you cannot do', Ashley.
    I'd take my life back, but only if it meant I would still meet Ashley.
A- Who loves ya!

-What is your biggest fear?
A- Losing each other.
K- Yeah..

-Does your name have a special meaning?
A- Nope. It's just Ashley.
K- Yes, actually. 'Katrin' is variant of 'Catherine' which means 'pure'. 'Everhardt' means 'brave boar'.
A- ...And my middle-and-index fingers mean 'fuck you', but you don't see me making a big deal of it.

-Any siblings?
A- No. Kathy, you OK?
K- ...

-Where do you live?-
K- Wherever the wind takes us.

-Do you find yourself attractive?
A- It doesn't matter.
K- So speaks someone whose hair rarely sees a brush. I think I'm attractive.
A- It's fine the way it is!
K- One of these days I'm going to make you look good.
A- I already look good.

-What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
A- Well, there was this one time, I tied Katrin to a --
K- Ashley! That's sharing too much!
A- What? It was funny!
K- What definition of 'funny' would that even fall under?!

-What is your Dream Job?
A- Already livin' it.
K- I believe that whatever you've got, whatever you do, you're already there. It's a matter of attitude.

-What do you consider your greatest talent or strength?
A- Invincibility!
K- You're not actually invincible.
A- Oh yeah? Then how come we're not dead?
K- Pretty sure that's called "luck".
    My efficiency is my greatest talent. Every bullet fired should find a mark, every move you make should be calculated in advance --
A- BORING! Seriously, have you tried just winging it for once? C'mon, just do what comes natural!
K- There is a reason my actions do not cause unnecessary collateral damage, including, but not limited to, destroyed buildings.
A- That only happened once! It was a government building! No one cares about the goddamn government!

-Do you believe in god(s)?
K- ....
A- Kathy....
K- I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

I tag no one! I just did this for shits and giggles.
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  • Drinking: in the great view. It's wonderful.


A whole squad dedicated to firing people? I gotta put food on the table here!
Sun May 7, 2017, 8:54 PM
Firing squaaaaaaaaad
Sun May 7, 2017, 8:32 AM
Sat Apr 1, 2017, 11:53 PM
Sun Mar 26, 2017, 12:22 AM
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Shoutbox added! Ima in mah profile, SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF MAH LUNGZ
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