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We stood upon the cratered, fractured beach, the bloody waters washing and returning. All around us, the wondrous cacophony of battle, the screaming of the wounded, the barking of the officers. Armoured warriors rush past at fevered pace, the ground reverberating with each footfall of their supporting weapons platforms. I can't help but smile.

Within moments, the army had broken through the line of bunkers and continued forth after the retreating defenders toward their second line. We listen to the crack and rolling thunder of the battle now distant.

The angel looked at me and asked, “What is this place?”

I answered, “Another world, in another time, in another realm.”

“That's not what I meant.”

“You wish a better answer?” I ask. “You asked it what it was, and this is its answer. What you see is a memory it is sharing with you.”

“What is it?”

I breathe the air, enjoying the scent of blood still thick. “Is it not obvious?”


“It is war. You asked, and it answered.”

“This is your work, isn't it? You're a horrible monster.”

“You spend so much time looking at the monster in front of you that you fail to notice the bigger monster above.”

And she looked to the sky, and saw the battleship slowly creeping forward at its own pace, its engines glowing hot with unholy power. Upon the beast is branded ‘Heaven's Judgment’.

I smile again, revealing teeth. “This is what it is. What you see is the second of three; what you saw earlier was not its first body.”

“I don't understand. What have you unleashed upon those people? What did you trick the Captain into?”

“What have I unleashed? Why do you assume this is one of mine? It is not. It is not one of yours, either. It belongs to no one. And I did not trick the Captain, I told him where to find it and I warned him against it. I told him that it has a price for its services, and that price is greater than any he could possibly afford.”

“What is that price?”

“Everything.” I smile wider. “It is as I told you, we did not make the realm I came from what it is. We simply occupy it.”

The angel speaks, less patiently this time. “You speak in nothing but riddles! Tell me! What is the Heaven's Judgment?”

“I would have thought that after all the time we have spent together, that things would start to become more obvious. It is an equalizer, it is the end of civilization, and the precursor to the final battle in any realm.”

“It’s an engine of destruction then. It is Hell’s warship.” She said.

I walked forward and stood upon the empty wreckage of an alien machine, to better listen to the battle over the horizon. “It is not Hell’s warship, nor is it a warship at all. It is so much more than that. It’s a living creature, that was created just as much by us as it was by you.”

“Us? We would never create monsters like that.”

I laughed. “Don’t you? You are so young, which I find delightful. Do you know what its name means? Heaven’s judgment is the Apocalypse, the end of all things. It is God’s final judgment over any civilization.”

“Heaven would never build something so evil. God does not destroy.”

“Why do you assume evil? I can assure you, it is not Evil. It is not Good, either. It is perfectly neutral. War does not judge. In every war, both sides enter an arms race with one another. When Heaven and Hell go to war, what sort of weapons do you think we will build?”

“Heaven did not build this abomination. We would not build something that destroys civilizations.”

“Oh, but you did, once. Heaven’s Judgment was the result of a joint effort. It is the product of a rare moment of cooperation between the Architect and the Blacksmith.”

“Why would Good be involved in anything that Evil also wants?”

“It was built out of a misguided need. It is something that neither side controls, something to equalize all things and begin the final battle. The thing above you was intended to bring a war for a realm to an early end by eliminating all… complicating factors.”

“You mean the civilizations that occupy a realm?”

“Yes. Now you start to understand what it is.”

“What does it do?”

“Look around you. Isn’t it obvious what war does?”

Above us, Heaven’s Judgment began bellowing its horns. Loud, booming, overwhelming, like a whale calling out to the ocean beyond. It was a warning, a signal to all, that the end was coming. The battleship’s appetite was sated and its services were going to be paid in full. The sound of battle ceased.

I turned to the angel and said, “You might wish to cover your ears for what is to come. It can be… intense… even for us.”

All around, the damned, titanic unnamed beasts familiar to my realm began to emerge from their nothing, circling, crying out their horrid, booming cat-calls. The panic and terror of the armies in the distance was not just heard by us but also felt. The beasts consume all.

We watched as survivors from both sides ran past us in complete panic. They vainly fired their weapons at the monsters flying around them, dying as they were picked off one by one.

I told the Angel to look across the water behind us.

A massive, dark purple cloud was racing toward us at terrifying speed. Truly, the most beautiful – if not complete – of sights we saw that day. It was as tall as the sky itself and stretched from horizon to horizon, as it washed over the planets surface. Thousands of faces – if one could call them that – continuously formed and dissolved over and over again across the cloud’s surface. But the part I relished most, was deafening noise it made. A wondrous chorus it was! The dying cries of every soul claimed by its magnificent splendor, from so many different realms, including the one we were watching die.

Oh, how I wish I had words for what one experiences when it washes over you! The sheer scale, the velocity, the sound of so many souls.. every part if it competes to be more overwhelming than the rest. The things you see and hear are in all parts beautiful and terrifying in equal measure.

When it passed – oh, it does take time, even at that speed – we were left with such silence. The silence of a dead world. Heaven’s Judgment was powered down and floated quietly above us. The beast once again slept with its belly full.

I picked up the corpse of an alien, now at peace. I pulled its head off, and held it up for the angel. “Now do you see what it is?”

The angel bent over and vomited on the bloody sand. I cast the head aside.

“Why don’t you look up? What do you see?” I told her.

She looked up at the black, starless sky, massive electrical discharges lighting up the heavens at random. The cat-calls of titans could be heard in the distance. Gone were this planet’s clouds, replaced by a random constellation of glowing purple clouds floating somewhere beyond the atmosphere.

She spoke, “This is your realm…”

“It is not, but one just like it. Do you see now what I said? We did not make my realm what it is. We simply occupied it.”

“Heaven’s Judgment is the Apocalypse. Rest assured, I will find a way to stop it.”

“It is war. It is inevitable. Why would you try to stop it? Why are you still framing everything in terms of Good and Evil? You speak of this as if it not only were something you can stop, but something that should be stopped.”

“What do you mean? Of course it should be stopped! And it will be!”

“You are so young. I cannot understand why anyone would send you against me. What chance do you have when you can’t even understand what you just saw?”

“Then enlighten me you bastard!”

“Ah, the game we play. Must I always have to explain the rules? You are almost not the sport I prefer to hunt. The Judgment is war. Once a sacrifice has been made to it, it cannot be stopped. War does not end with the first casualties.”

“So you sacrificed your own fleet on purpose? You knew they didn’t stand a chance! You killed them!”

I took a step toward her before continuing, to emphasize the importance of what I said next. “Their deaths were not in vain. I needed their sacrifice to feed the Judgment and begin the process. It matters not; if I didn’t use this method, I would use another. What difference does it make when the result will be the same? You need to understand something about war.

All species are born of the same drive: to survive. The more intelligent ones may build civilization, but they are still always bound by that principle. They all share the same fatal flaw: they are built to survive, no matter the cost, even against each other. They always go to war, and they always kill and die until their apparent thirst is satisfied. Times of peace always fall to the next war. They will build weapons, they will perfect them, and in doing so become the architects of their own destruction. They start with weapons that destroy walls, then weapons that destroy cities, then weapons that destroy worlds.

The creature above us is war made machine. Once started, it cannot be stopped. It is inevitable. War only ends when there is nothing left to kill.”

“Are you saying that everyone is going to die?”

“I’m saying it cannot be stopped. The Judgment offers something all civilized creatures want: a war machine that can destroy anything. And like war itself, it ends with the destruction of civilization.”

“They’re going to die.” The angel was saddened, but still so naive.

“I wouldn’t give up hope so easily. I’ll make this interesting for both of us: war doesn’t always kill everyone. There are no victors, but there are survivors.”

The angel vanished so quickly I thought it almost humorous. I stepped over a female alien, barely alive, lying helpless. Her helmet masked her face, but even through it, I could still hear her breath and her weakened heart. Oh, how I enjoy such things. No one worthy ever dies easily. I picked her up and broke her in half.

I looked up to the machine above. “You honour me, inglorious bastard. You make way for my fleet. Whether we win or lose does not matter. All that matters is that we fight.”
I wrote this as an itch I needed to scratch. It's a random excerpt from an unwritten story of mine. It's an odd one that bounces around in my head once in a while.

Anyway, enjoy!
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RachBurns Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Demon or Nephilim, as pleased as he was with the war itself! The ship was the apocalypse of that area...

Bah, I'm getting into my own fictions. This one stands perfectly by itself, excellent work. I really do wanna know who this demon is, if it even has a name in this land.  
fdnbgonds Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!

I might write more, but if I do, it will be (intentionally) fragmented. It's something that bounces around in my head sometimes. Trouble is, I haven't kept perfect track of the whole thing and its been going on for while now.

Oh well. I'll churn it out in whatever form it takes on.
RachBurns Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It'll be fun to see it all, if it continues. ^^ 
fdnbgonds Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It'll continue. My brain won't let it go.
RachBurns Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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